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Outfield Specialty Agronomy

Outfield Iron 84 (Fe≥8.4%)*

  • Iron 84 greens up turf more quickly, in just hours, and at less than half the rate of any other iron product.
  • Lower cost helps you look better – now you can afford beautiful, deep green turf on the course, on the driving range, and around the clubhouse!
  • Specialized formulation delivers iron to the turf directly through the leaves.
  • A pure Iron application – contains no Nitrogen, so does not cause surge growth.

Outfield 15-0-0 w/Iron (Fe≥8.4%)*

  • 15-0-0 w/Iron is a supplemental nitrogen and iron fertilizer designed to prevent and/or cure nutrient deficiencies in plants and crops. It is complexed with organic acids for rapid and improved nutrient uptake as well as tank mix compatibility. 15-0-0 w/Iron will aid in rapid green up of crops, ornamentals and turfgrass.

Cal-Sil (Ca≥10%,Si≥1%)

  • pH 3.5-5.5, easy to be mixed
  • Witgang special Calcium and Silicon formula
  • Reduce damage of pest and diseases

Cal-Mag (Ca≥7%, Mg≥2%)

  • Supply calcium and magnesium to improve the efficiency of photosynthesis and respiration, thickness, color and resistance to adversities.

Outfield Multi-Micro 800 (B≥6 g/L, Fe≥37 g/L, Mn≥25 g/L, Zn≥ 32 g/L)

  • Liquid fertilizer of multiple microelements, including Fe/Mn/B/Zn.
  • Improving the photosynthesis, protecting the plants from environmental stresses such as drought, salt, freezing, harmful microorganism.

No additives of stimulant/hormone, no worry of excessive growth, reducing the need for pruning branches and mowing grasses

Outfield Ultra Defender (Mg≥7g/L, Fe≥10g/L, Mn≥55g/L, Zn≥27g/L, B ≥7g/L, Si ≥7g/L, Humic Acid ≥10g/L and salicylic acid ≥3g/L)

  • Comprised of a distinctive blend of seven biologically active organic and inorganic compounds including humic and fulvic acids, salicylic acid, oligosaccharides, micronutrients and silica
  • Offers the key components essential for optimal plant development, vigor and production, improve resistance to stress.

Outfield 20-4-20 60% XCU + 5% Fe + 1% S

With 60% total Nitrogen from XCU (Polymer Coated Sulphur Coated Urea)

Outfield 14-0-28 40% XCU + 6% Fe+0.7S 

With 40% total Nitrogen from XCU (Polymer Coated Sulphur Coated Urea)

Outfield Blueprint Concentrate

  • Spray Pattern Indicator
  • Pond, Lake & Fountain dye
  • Revolutionary, proprietary dispersible granule technology
  • Over 90% Concentration, 10 times more than liquids
  • Lightweight. Easy to measure, pour, transport, and clean
  • Blueprint Concentrate is a granule of more than 90% pure food-quality dye, with no fillers, dispersing aids, or unnecessary surfactants.
  • Lightweight and easy to use, handle, transport, and store, Blueprint Concentrate contains revolutionary smooth-flowing, low-dust technology that rapidly breaks through surface tension and quickly disperses to evenly color the water column.
  • Blueprint Concentrate’s higher dye load means lower usage rates, handling costs, and inventory and storage expenses.  One 2kg jug of Blueprint Concentrate more than replaces an entire 2x10-liter case of average turf marker, improving the bottom line while actually increasing color quality – with no more hauling heavy, bulky jugs of liquid to splash into spray tanks and backpack sprayers.  Plus spills can now be cleaned up with a handheld vacuum or broom.

Blueprint Concentrate is effective as both a spray pattern indicator, a temporary colorant added to liquid sprays so operators can see exactly where those sprays have been applied, and as a dye to beautify the full range of natural and manmade landscapes and features, including fountains, ponds, lakes, reflection pools, and aquascapes.

Outfield GreenKote Concentrate

  • Colorant for Turf & Divot Sand
  • Beautiful, Natural Green
  • Long Lasting & UV Resistant
  • Ultra-High Concentration
  • GreenKote Concentrate is a permanent pigment to restore natural green color to turf areas during dormancy or stress, and to color divot sand a natural, beautiful green.
  • GreenKote Concentrate’s superior binders make colors last longer, improving weather fastness and resisting fading from UV exposure.  Proprietary technology reduces rub-off on shoes, clothing and equipment, making GreenKote Concentrate ideal for athletic and sports fields where significant contact with the turf occurs.
  • GreenKote Concentrate’s 20% higher pigment load compared with other colorants means lower application rates and reduced costs. 
  • GreenKote Concentrate is effective for use as a long-lasting spray indicator, and an ideal replacement for costly overseeding.

GreenKote Concentrate is ideal for use on golf courses, sports fields, and residential and commercial turf, and is commonly used on tees and greens where disease or high turf stress needs immediate enhancement.  GreenKote Concentrate contains no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals, or other inert ingredients harmful to the environment.


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